Josh Adams, Owner 


35 Airport Drive

Pinedale, WY 82941


PO Box 144

Pinedale, WY 82941

Services Offered

Yearly Concrete Maintenance

Inspect for cracking and spalding of surface. Provide alternatives for repair.

Power wash to remove debris and prep surface for sealing.

Seal to protect against sun damage, water penetration, and the effects of harmful chemicals

Pricing based on square footage. 


Excavation for foundations

Final Grade

Septic Systems

Utility Excavation


Commercial and Residential

Footings, Foundations, and Flatwork

Interior and Exterior

Colored Floors

Ground Thawing Heaters / Concrete Blankets

Thaws 1 foot per day

E1100 thaws and cures up to 2200 square feet per day

E3000 thaws and cures up to 6000 square feet per day

Rent by Day, week, or month

Custom Projects

Numerous Stamps

Custom Stains Available


These are just a few of many stain options!

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Check out some of our work below: